At 501ops, our mission is to make yours easier.

501ops’ goal is to provide the best core nonprofit services, save you time and money, and help you achieve your goals.

What keeps you up at night? Looming audits, tracking grants, preparing for a board meeting, meeting your strategic goals, increasing or maintaining your funding, or simply keeping up with all those spreadsheets to provide the reports you need to prove your results. Our experts leverage a variety of tools and resources to provide you peace of mind. Spend more time and resources on your mission while we support your organization through all phases of data management. Our clients report real operational time and cost savings which, in turn, gives them more time to focus on donors and supporters – and especially, the clients they serve.

Peace of Mind brought to you by 501ops

How it Works



Setup, maintenance, and ongoing support are all embedded in our services. Leverage a platform solution that provides relevant, meaningful and actionable information that can be accessed anytime…anywhere by taking full advantage of great technology resources including:

  • Donor Database
  • Client/Program Database
  • Volunteer Management
  • Event management
  • Fundraising Software
  • Accounting Software


The Secret Sauce: Information systems are only as good as the information they contain. The 501ops team handles the busy work of entering information into your system…from paper to electronic…and assures 100% accuracy. This allows your staff to spend more time working with our experts to analyze the information and plan strategies instead of inputting and organizing it.


Now that you have a platform that supports your organization and growth, real-time and accurate information, our network experts can work with you to achieve your goals. From fundraising to program management and more, our experts have proven process to achieve the goal. Take all the time your team spends dealing with back office process, and put it into your mission.


Quality is paramount to our mission. 501ops and our partners are held accountable to a high level of service by an independent advisory council of stakeholders, industry experts, clients, and funders. While 501ops focuses on forging best practices and implementing them for you, we provide peace of mind for you to focus on your mission.

Pricing that will easily pay for itself.

  • Time Gained to Focus on Mission 40%
  • Monthly Cost Savings* 50%
  • Accuracy in Timely Data 100%

Current Client Spotlight

Avance Dallas
Avance Dallas

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